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Gina is passionate about teaching and having conversations on all topics of creative writing.
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Gina Morosey

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Writing by the Water


If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental illness or suicidal thoughts, please visit and These are two (among many) excellent websites that can provide you with more tools and resources. is packed with helpful information and numbers to call. It provides a list of mental illness and symptoms to look out for. It is important to be aware of these symptoms as soon as possible and seek help to manage them. If you as an individual, family, group of friends, etc. want to prevent suicide, this website has a no-suicide contract that can hold people accountable for staying on track. Remember to call for help immediately if someone you know is in danger. has a Teens & Young Adult section. You will find advice on how to manage your mental condition, how to help a friend, how to maintain friendships and relationships (which can be particularly difficult), and even advice on how to have a successful appointment with a specialist and where to ask for one.

If you don’t want to look further, send a message in the box below!

It DOES get better.

We care.

You are not alone and you are loved.

It DOES get better!

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