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Gina Morosey lives with her husband and three children in Switzerland, where the green grass and blooming flowers give her the serenity to write amidst the wild and thrilling journey of motherhood. She has put learning German aside because she still hasn’t quite mastered the English language. She studied Musical Theatre and Microbiology at Ball State University only to learn that writing all hours of the night causes extreme insomnia.

After making it as a finalist on Switzerland’s Got Talent, she put the dream of theatre in a drawer to focus on being an author – something she has wanted to do since freaking out her elementary school teachers with handwritten horror books.

The color green finds her everywhere whether it’s the green grass of Switzerland, dressing up as Elphaba from Wicked, her love for Peter Pan, or her son pointing to oger Fiona from Shrek and shouting, “Mommy!”

So, of course, she had to write about trees.

Gina is currently writing book #2 in a New Adult series titled Gray Iris.

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